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Vr Battery Solution

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Vr Battery Solution

There is a saying that if the rechargeable battery is used properly, the best state will appear in a certain cycle range, that is, the maximum capacity. This depends on the situation. Sealed Ni-MH batteries and Ni-Cd batteries, if used properly (such as regular maintenance to prevent the generation and accumulation of memory effects), will generally reach their maximum capacity after 100 to 200 cycles, such as After 120 cycles of Ni-MH battery with factory capacity of 1000 mAh, its capacity may reach 1100 mAh. Almost all Japanese Ni-MH battery manufacturers’ technical specifications describe the cycle characteristics of nickel-based batteries on the graphs that I can see. To this description.

★Nickel-based batteries have the best condition, generally reaching their maximum capacity between 100~200 cycles

For liquid lithium-ion batteries, there is no such a humping phenomenon of cycle capacity. From the time the lithium-ion battery leaves the factory to the final battery failure, the performance of its capacity is to use once less once. I have never seen any signs of capacity recovery when doing cycle performance on lithium-ion batteries.

★Lithium-ion batteries are not in the best condition.

It is worth mentioning that lithium-ion batteries are more susceptible to changes in ambient temperature and exhibit different performance. They will show their best performance at an ambient temperature of 25 to 40 degrees, and their performance will be greatly reduced in low or high temperature conditions. . To make your lithium-ion battery fully display its capacity, you must pay careful attention to the use environment to prevent high and low temperature phenomena. For example, when a mobile phone is placed on the front desk of a car, it can easily exceed 60 degrees under direct sunlight at noon. North The battery standby time of the user in the same network is not as long as the user in the South.

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