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Battery type:LiFePO4 battery
Battery size: 392*279*323mm(L*W*H)
Nominal voltage:51.2V
Weight:about 22.0 KG
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  • TH014-2000W

InverterPure sine wave
Charging modeCar charging/MPPT:11.5-50V 25A 500W max
AC:175-264V/50HZ 1.2KW max
DC 1&2 Output
DC5521 12V/3A *2
AC OutputRated output power:2000W 220V/50Hz
USB Output
USB-A QC3.0  18W*2
USB-A: 5V/2.4A  12W*2  
Type-C OutputPD100W*2
XT60 Output14V28A  max
Cycle life1500 times
Weightabout 22.0 KG

Product Features

  Nowadays, the batteries used inside portable energy storage batteries are usually lithium-ion battery packs. The lithium-ion battery packs from different manufacturers may still vary, but in general, lithium-ion battery packs have characteristics such as high energy density, long cycle life, high rate discharge, more battery capacity, richer interfaces, convenient portability, support for simultaneously charging multiple digital devices, support for multiple charging methods, short charging time and long battery life.

  The overall appearance of portable energy storage power supplies is designed to have good adaptability in harsh and ever-changing outdoor environments. Some portable energy storage power supplies have a small backpack appearance, while others have a suitcase like design for a trolley case. These exterior designs can make it more convenient for users to use, carry, and transport outdoors.

  The external design of portable energy storage power supplies not only includes external shapes, but also external materials. Although the external materials are usually purchased, after purchasing high-strength engineering plastics, they still need to be processed. Enable external materials to be processed into the desired shape and processed during the processing, making them more resistant to falls, earthquakes, fire, and rain.



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