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About Fast Charging

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About Fast Charging

Mobile phone charging is something we all need to do every day. With the rise of mobile phone fast charging technology, the habit of plugging in one night before going to bed has completely changed with the rise of mobile phone fast charging technology. Nowadays, most mobile phones support fast charging, and the power is getting bigger and bigger. Mobile phone manufacturers are happy to claim how many minutes to fully charge the battery, but never mention whether there is accelerated damage to the battery.

■ Diabetes insipidus in less than two years

The reason for discussing this issue with you is because the author has just used a mobile phone for less than two years, and suddenly there has been a cliff-like decline in battery life. Considering that I don’t play games at ordinary times and only use it lightly, and I have good habits for many years. Therefore, it is suspected that it is caused by super fast charging, and the mobile phones that also support fast charging purchased for the family at the same time also have similar problems. Super fast charging does not hurt the phone battery in the end

Fast charging does not hurt the battery in the end, I believe this problem has been plagued many users. In fact, this question is not complicated, and the answer must be yes. Because charging and discharging will cause irreversible damage to the battery, and Apple and Samsung have always been conservative in fast charging. Fast charging is bound to be a double-edged sword, but the extent of the damage is difficult to determine at present.

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