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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
TPW18650CR2S1P-3350mAh-7.4V.pdf null 3.33MB 25 2023-10-13 Download
TH012-150W.pdf null 376KB 17 2023-10-09 Download
TH015-200W.pdf null 383KB 17 2023-10-08 Download
TPW504080PL11-01 2000mAh 3.7V.pdf null 5.57MB 18 2023-10-08 Download
TH014-2000W 220V.pdf null 810KB 23 2023-09-26 Download
TH016-1500W.pdf null 460KB 18 2023-09-26 Download
HZT502535PL11-01 400mAh 3.7V.pdf null 1.64MB 17 2023-09-25 Download
TH022-B-2200W(230V)V1.0.pdf null 331KB 18 2023-09-21 Download
TH06-1200W.pdf null 415KB 17 2023-09-21 Download
TPW18650CR2S1P-2200mAh-7.4V.pdf null 1.71MB 19 2023-09-20 Download
TH023-3000W.pdf null 1.25MB 32 2023-09-13 Download
TH04-1200W.pdf null 369KB 22 2023-09-06 Download
TH05-2000W.pdf null 380KB 18 2023-09-06 Download
2020_PDF.pdf 252KB 26 2023-06-14 Download

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