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Topway's Sodium-ion Battery Develops Comprehensively To Meet Large Overseas Demand for Sodium-ion Batteries

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Topway's Sodium-ion Battery Develops Comprehensively To Meet Large Overseas Demand for Sodium-ion Batteries

Recently, the 3rd Sodium-ion Battery Industry Chain and Standard Development Forum was held in Shanxi, China. The forum released China's Sodium-ion Battery Industry Technology Roadmap. The conference report expects China's sodium-ion battery shipments to exceed 1GWh in 2024, and the planned capacity will reach 60GWh in 2025.

Sodium-ion battery development momentum is strong, from the supply and demand point of view is expected to 2026, 2030, the global sodium-ion battery demand scale of about 110GWh and 520GWh, which is expected to 2026 energy storage, two-wheeled vehicles, A00-class automotive sodium-ion battery demand to reach 82GWh, 16GWh and 17GWh, respectively.

At present, China's battery custom manufacturers of sodium-ion battery industry, involving the core, positive and negative materials and many other areas, the total project investment of nearly 40 billion yuan, there are four batches of 47 models of sodium-ion batteries through the battery basic performance evaluation.

Topway Battery In 2008, Topway invested 5 million US dollars to introduce advanced polymer production line, all sodium-ion battery products have passed RoHS, UL and CE export certification, ISO9001:2008 quality control system, and the related sodium-ion battery products are well received by overseas users.


Topway sodium-ion battery has the following advantages:

All-in-one design, integrating solar inverter, storage inverter, sodium ion battery pack, EMS, cloud platform and charging gun into a powerful, reliable and efficient energy system.

4.5-18kwh sodium-ion batteries, expandable capacity as needed.5.5kW hybrid inverter, meets 99% of the home's electrical power needs. Super fast charging, 0-100% battery charge in 60 minutes.

New sodium-ion battery, not afraid of the cold. Winter cold is no longer a problem for battery performance decline. Even in the extreme cold environment of -30℃, it can easily and efficiently operate.

Highly integrated and easy to install. Through the highly integrated integrated system design, the installation process is simplified and the installation cost is reduced by 30%.

As an industry pioneer in sodium-ion batteries, Topway Battery has always insisted on serving global sodium-ion battery customers. topway Battery has highly qualified staff, excellent management methods and ISO9001:2008 quality control system. Excellent quality, good service and competitive price are our great advantages for cooperation.

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